Posted 1 day ago
Would you mind posting another picture of your super size mega absol figure? I've read online that it's 2.5" high - that just seems so tiny. Does it look bigger in real life? I'm thinking of buying one but I'd love to see a picture next to a quarter or something. Thanks!
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Hi Anon! <3

Hope this picture helps you give a rough estimate how big the figure is. He’s definitely not the biggest figure out there but he is taller than regular TOMY if you own any of them, I’ve also put him next a regular sized can of soda, he’s about half a can size. ^^

Posted 1 day ago

Salamence Jakks figure

Always love getting Salamence merch <3 Had my eye on this for a while! :3

Posted 3 days ago

Pokemon Center 2014 Fennekin Disc/Model figure

THIS IS AWESOME. I probably messed up a little on the stickers but oh well =,D! It’s a Fennekin you piece together which comes with candy and some stickers to stick on yourself, I think she’s really adorable, best to view the figure from the front~ :3

Posted 3 days ago

Pokemon Center 2014 Japanese Fennekin Cloth

As soon as I saw this I had to have it! I love cloths and I absolutely love the theme/pattern on it! Autumn + red and white is perfect for the little fox ;w;!

Posted 3 days ago

Pokemon TOMY Meowstic Male Plush

TOMY make a female counterpart….please? =D This plush is really adorable, pretty happy that Meowstics are getting a decent amount of plush! ^^

Posted 4 days ago

Pokemon Center 2014 Fennekin Pita Poke

The thing is, I have no idea if I should open this or not. The Leafeon/Jolteon ones I have always had problems sticking on the base properly…I hope these aren’t the same ;__;!

Posted 4 days ago

Weavile 2013 & Mega Absol 2014 Dice

Sparkly dice is always nice~! ;;

Posted 4 days ago

Ninetales Attack Tazo & Ninetales Pokemon 2000 Pin

More Ninetales is always welcome <333 Aaa I just love these! The pin is something I remember from school too, glad I found one! ;w;

Posted 4 days ago

Latias 2005 Krak & Lati  2007 Pogs/Tazos

POGS ARE SO COOL. I remember when they were a thing back in my school days…wheeee nostalgia!

Posted 1 week ago

Vulpix/Ninetales 2006 Cheetos Metal Taz/Pog

I love pogs and to get something Ninetales is always amazing! It’s a double sided pog so Vulpix is on the front! The rest I bought will be up for sale in my sales post eventually ^_^!