Posted 2 days ago

Latias & Latios 2004 Mini Puzzle [50 Pieces]

Fweeee this is one awesome thing to add to my Lati collection! I absolutely love puzzles, as a kid I was always sitting down and putting puzzle pieces together so to get a lati one is awesome! Just…where to put it on the shelf… hehe~

Posted 2 days ago

Fennekin 7-11 Movie Drink figure

Aaaa this is one cute figure! I wish she had some twig in her mouth or something but still, so happy to own ones of these! ^^ <3

Posted 2 days ago

Latias 2006 Pokémon Roller

A pretty cool Latias roller, I’d love to find Latios to pair her up! ^^

Posted 6 days ago

Bandai 2001 Renamon Spinning Plush

Oh gosh, it’s always amazing to get a Renamon plush you don’t have…all the plush I know of have been yearly searches and as people know they don’t pop up much. So as soon as I saw this I had to grab her, regardless of the price and she is a lot bigger than I thought she’d be! I love her so much…customs caught this too but ugh so worth it <3

Posted 6 days ago

Espurr Wanted - Large Meowstic Pokemon Center Plush


Posted 6 days ago

Jakks 2009 (Snowpoint?) Weavile & Froslass playset

I saw this when it popped up and I instantly fell in love with it…it’s also pretty relateable to a certain story me and a friend of mine (Espyyy) are making….so yes this playset iis 10x more special to me because of that….it’s also something I haven’t seen before! *.*

Posted 6 days ago

Espurr, Meowstic (F), Meowstic (M) and Slyveon Pokédoll 2014 Charms

Argh! These are too adorable and I’m so happy the Meow’s and Fennekin have Pokedoll charms! Something Slyveon is always nice too!  It’s good to grab these quick before they become scarce though I’ve seen a lot of good deals lately! Currently check eBay if you’re interested! =)

Posted 6 days ago

TOMY Male Meowstic figure

Horray for a TOMY Meowstic figure! I really want to find the female counterpart but I’m not having so much luck x3! I’ll probably open this little guy up when I have room for my meows~

Posted 6 days ago

Pokemon Center Delphox 2014 Pokedoll

Eyy my Sunyshore package arrived, though customs snagged it so had to wait a while for them to send me a letter, bleh! Either way though this is a beautiful plush, she has some problems “sitting” down sometimes and her head points downwards at times but I really love this plush! I really hope Braixen gets a pokedoll but maybe I’m hoping too much ;w;! <3

Posted 1 week ago

Pokemon Center 2006 Absol Pokédoll

I finally was able to grab one of the old Absol Pokédolls! Argh this little guy has been eluding me left right and center….always popping up when I had no money or a priority appeared but eeep I’m so happy to own an older Absol plush other than the mascot! Still looking for those glorious banpresto versions too….maybe one day~ <3