Posted 4 days ago
How much is the Weavile worth I've had one since its release and I was just looking for one online today. I didn't know it was so rare.
zeroreaction asked

Hello ~ =D

In my searches I’ve seen him go between $150-$200 (a lot of BINS at $150 and $160 depending on condition on eBay).

I know someone else who has been searching for one for a long time ( they do get snapped up when they appear! Hope this helps you! :3

Posted 5 days ago

Weavile DX Pokédoll 2005 Poképark plush - 500 only made!

*FANGIRL SCREAM* After all these YEARS of missing BINs countless times I finally have my number #1 highest want of Weavile…which eventually turned into grail-worthy and my number one want bar my holy grails (giant lati plush).

Awwww yeaaah. He got caught by customs though…heavily. I don’t care I was waiting to shell out the big bucks on him.  Completely happy with this purchase and words can’t say anything…seriously…once a big box appears though I will be posting the bigger story behind him on a gets post of soon to come on pkmncollector.

For now… enjoy a picture of all official Weavile plush up to date. There is a MPC Weavile plush on the way so you betcha I’m buying that!

Posted 1 week ago

Fennekin `JOOCE` can! (Unopened can…so tempted to open uwu!)

AAA it wasn’t lost! Like many people, ever since I first saw a picture of one I HAD to own one, the artwork is adorable and apples everywhere~! I just love the colour scheme I guess and I like the idea of different things in collections x3!

I want to know what it tastes like but at the same time I want to keep it sealed D:!

Posted 1 week ago

Leafeon & Glaceon pouch…! EEP.

I’ve been waiting for a certain package for a few months to come to me. The item was resent and then sent back etc…I’d thought I never see it but to my surprise a package came today and THIS was A FREEBIE? aaa I can’t thank you seller enough (since I collect Leafeon too, it’s perfect!) and what’s inside will be posted…next~!

Posted 1 week ago

Ninetales VS Pikachu bandai sticker! <3

Something I’ve been searching for and always missing, so I decided to be a little crazy and go for it and at not a bad price! I just love when I get something of Ninetales in a different pose, needs moar tales~! <3

Posted 1 week ago

Fennekin, Braixen and Delphox Pokémon Center charms~!

Late to the party but never enough time not to grab these lovelies, I really want to buy a new shelf for the Fennekins! ;;

Posted 1 week ago

Lati and Ninetales & Co stickers~!

Just saw a few available and since Ninetales collecting was being sloow I decided to buy it…then I saw a Lati sticker in their sales! Pretty sure if you lurk eBay there was 2 or so available of each left! <3

Posted 1 week ago

Leafeon Megablox~!

Never thought I’d own this Leafybutt yet, but now I can pair her up with Jolty! ^^ <3

Posted 1 week ago

Sparkly Mismagius dice~

Not had something Mismagius for a while, it was a great purchase (and a pain to take photos with today ;_;) <3

Dice Pokémon: Mismagius, Ambipom, Froslass, Piplup, Draphion, Staravia.

Posted 1 week ago

2009 Bandai Lugia Bath Water Squirter~!

So there’s 3 Lugia bathtoys to my knowledge, I already own one, I just found this one and I have the oldest one arriving to be in a huge box of goodies…I’ll take a picture of them all together! Funnily enough I thought it was going to be the older one that would give me a lot of trouble (in terms of bidding/finding) but I guess I was really lucky with him in the end (although it was some time). This guy popped up more but when he did he was gone! It’s like he’s saying HUG ME :D <3

If you’re looking for one there’s a couple on eBay last time I checked at the moment. Might not be there for long! ^^